Libera a Susi

The film is dedicated to SUSI an elephant living in captivity in Barcelona`s Zoo. Susi was born free in Africa in 1973. She arrived to Barcelona´s zoo in 2002 to live with Alicia. But Alicia died due to stomach problems after eating a rubber balloon and some other plastic objects at the zoo. Susi witnessed how her matriarch was killed and chopped to pieces. The pieces of Alice’s body were left in Susi,s cage for he night. After this traumatic events Susi is deeply depressed and her health is deteriorating very fast. This film is part of a campaign launched from LIBERA to take Susi to an adequate place where she can move freely and live with other members of her species.

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  • Director, Eva Vazquez de Reoyo
  • DoP, Juan Sebastian Vasquez
  • Producer, Carolina Bejarano
  • Postproduction, Eva Vazquez, Alejandro Armas Vidal
  • Additional graphic design: Dominique Aizpurua Flugelman
  • Music, Ivan Llopis
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